PPC & SEM Solutions Driven by Cognitive Science & Experiment Design: A New Search Marketing Paradigm to Boost ROAS & the Persuasion Magnitude of Online Marketing Appeal

(PRWEB) November 17, 2014

PPC, SEO, Social Media, and Email Marketing Solution Technical Guides driven by cognitive science and experiment design is able to provide effective cross-reference points to validate the campaign performance by experimented treatments on both macro and micro levels. In addition, Thincr’s researches found that: (1) PPC (Pay Per Click) enables web marketers to zoom in on the most significant variables in their experiment designs to gauge the effectiveness of their campaign treatments, thus raising their ROAS (Return On Ad Spend); (2) the injection of persuasion tactics into the campaign treatments allows them to accelerate the conversion process. As very few researches or technical sources have tapped into the development of search marketing solutions from the perspectives of cognitive science and experiment design, Thincr LLC would like to share its research findings in its Search Engine Marketing Books by digital format as follows:

PPC book, Cognitive Search Marketing & Paid Search: Theory, Experiment, Practice and Tactics: A PPC Paradigm Powered by Persuasion and Cognition, is written to enable internet marketers to improve their profitability and ROAS while leveraging Quality Score, CTR (Click-Through Rate), conversion rate, traffic quality, and extend the customer reach of their PPC / AdWords Campaign. In addition, this Pay Per Click book also demonstrates the techniques to facilitate positive attitude change toward the target products or brands while propelling conversion strength, rebuilding a brand image or reinforcing a positive one. Furthermore, it will also show content providers the top tips to monetize their content through AdSense. Highlights of this paid search book are listed as follows:

Cognitive ad creative writing techniques featuring Cognitive Dissonance Theory by Leon Festinger, A-B-X model by Theodore M. Newcomb, and Hierarchy of Needs by Abraham Maslow.
The deployment of placement-targeting to enhance contextual targeting, featuring Standard Placement Targeting and MRI Placement-targeting by Site.
Persuasive ad writing tactics through the creation of engaging ad copy physique, the attack on visitors’ cognition, the strategic use of popular keywords with the alternative offers, the implementation of I-Can’t-Wait ad copy, and the adoption of ad parameters to update ads.
The demonstration of using BCG Matrix to analyze the landscape of competition and develop an effective marketing appeal to stay competitive while maintaining profitable and facilitating a positive attitude change toward the target product by Spiral of Silence Theory and the illustration of the tactics to enhance online marketing campaign through agenda setting.
The Illustration and example of how to apply Pearson’s Product Moments & Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient in an experiment design to identify the marketing elements that are able to provide the most significant positive impact on customers’ attitude change toward a defined conversion.
Strategic keyword generation featuring critical topics on development of Seed Keyword List (SKL), the development of cognitively transferred terms, the analysis of the search query reports and meta tags of competitors’ websites, the techniques for generating long-tail keywords, the deployment of tactical keyword grouping and so many more.
The illustration of 20 top tips for strategic bidding and tips for tactical organic and paid listing arbitration to reduce campaign cost.
The Illustration of conversion attribution model and its application by example, and the adoption of view-assist and view-through to identify the latent conversion contributors for effective marketing resource allocation.
Google Instant’s impact on paid search featuring the tactics for the implementation of geo-modifier and the techniques for strategic alignment with Google Instant to increase CTR (Click-Through Rate) on ads, as well as their conversion rates.
Techniques for maneuvering language mode, removing major landing page barriers and constructing effective USP, offer, and credibility elements to leverage conversion rate.
Techniques for facilitating a positive and persuasive setting for content consumption while providing landing page optimization tips for lead generation and landing page real estate planning, as well as element allocation.
Implementation of Google Web Optimizer (GWO) and the interpretation of Combination and Page Section Report to: (1) learn how different page element variations perform on a page section and identify how a particular page section affects the test results in terms of relevance rating; (2) identify the combination of page elements that is most likely to produce a significant improvement on conversion rate.
Proven tactics for building an AdSense oriented site through: (1) the adoption of a matching theme and effective page real estate management; (2) the analysis on the nature of different ad units and the illustration of the high-performing spots on a webpage to place these ad units.
Furthermore, the studies in the book of Cognitive Search Marketing & Paid Search: Theory, Experiment, Practice and Tactics: A PPC Paradigm Powered by Persuasion and Cognition are going to reveal the secrets about how to extend the practice of strategic PPC in an online job search process to help the readers land their dream jobs. The highlights of Cognitive Search Marketing & Paid Search: Theory, Experiment, Practice and Tactics: A PPC Paradigm Powered by Persuasion and Cognition won’t just stop here. Please see the attachment on the right for so much more.

Based on web developing, content, and interpersonal perspectives, the book, Integrated Search Marketing Solution & Organic Search: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email Marketing: Winning Formula for SERP Dominance, is written to enable web marketing practitioners to: (1) enhance ranking competency on SERP (Search Engine Results Page); (2) monetize content; (3) facilitate business localization to capitalize local business opportunities; and (4) expand customer base and extend content reach while increasing their lead retention rates. Highlights of this integrated search marketing book are listed as follows:

Systems to build up a Facebook empire and expand Facebook fan base, featuring: (1) the techniques for deploying speakers in the leading and supporting roles; (2) tactics for expanding fan base via implicit and explicit, as well as external heterogeneous and homogeneous FB fan groups.
SEO server-side optimization featuring: (1) must-have tactics for Improving site performance to gain better SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking; (2) domain name optimization; (3) technical procedure for the adoption of 301 redirect to retain SEO metrics; (4) implementation of XML site map and Google Sitemap for better site indexing; (5) configuration of robot.txt to increase site relevancy; (6) web programming techniques to facilitate a fast and secured user experience; (7) strategic content categorization; (8) proper configuration of ViewState in a web application; (9) the practice of Exception Handling and the adoption of custom 404 page to increase visitor’s retention rate; (10) the use of SSI for content syndication; and (11) tactical construction of a self-supported hub of authority.
An SEO walk-thru to avoid duplicate content by: (1) the deployment of harsh symbol and canonical URL; (2) the configuration of Google’s parameters handling; and (3) the adoption of Google preferred domain in Google Webmaster Tools.
The techniques for strategic internal link placement based on the notion of page segmentation and optimization of structured markup with a keyword-oriented USP to produce a distinguished organic listing while implementing a keyword-oriented facet navigation to produce an effective search process.
SEO off-page optimization featuring: (1) the tactics to increase link popularity and link reputation through the deployment of keyword-oriented page elements and strategic link building; (2) the methods to leverage link popularity through the collaboration with PPC / AdWords campaign; (3) strategic deployment of micro-site to leverage link popularity and link reputation; (4) tips to retain link juice when providing an outbound link; and (5) tactics to increase SERP (Search Engine Results Page) dominance by taking advantage of brand keyword queries.
SEO on-page optimization featuring: (1) strategic implementation of keyword density and proximity; (2) internal link optimization and building strategy; (3) tactics to increase content / code ratio; and (4) SEO content management through CMS (content management system).
Permission-based content email campaign featuring: (1) the tips for strategic content creation and management; (2) email real estate optimization and management; (3) subscribe and unsubscribe management to increase retention and recovery rate; (4) the practice of bounce management to facilitate valid content delivery; (5) tactics for increasing email delivery rate; and (6) the tips for the examination of email program partners and the maintenance of email list to ensure quality email leads.

Integrated Search Marketing Solution & Organic Search: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email Marketing: Winning Formula for SERP Dominance is able to offer readers so much more. Please see the attachment on the right for more highlights on top-performing tactics in SEO, Facebook, Social Media, and Email Marketing.

Thincr LLC is confident that these two books, Cognitive Search Marketing & Paid Search: Theory, Experiment, Practice and Tactics: A PPC Paradigm Powered by Persuasion and Cognition and Integrated Search Marketing Solution & Organic Search: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email Marketing: Winning Formula for SERP Dominance, will make a huge difference in the success of an online business based on today’s model of digital marketing. Check out these two strategic search engine marketing reference guides for the comprehensive coverage of these cutting-age web marketing techniques driven by cognitive science and experiment design for PPC, SEO, Facebook, and Search Marketing now and take your campaign to the next level today.

About Thincr LLC:

Committed in developing integrated online marketing strategic solutions, Thincr LLC is specialized in providing consultancy in the realms of image reinforcement, branding, persuasion, and attitude change through Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email Marketing. Thincr LLC is dedicated in publishing while supporting growth and innovation and providing online businesses efficient and valuable references to assist them to excel in their marketing campaigns.

Software Company Anahata Offers Services to Perths Disability Industry

Perth, Western Australia (PRWEB) November 18, 2014

Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd was founded five years ago as a software development company to deliver customized ICT solutions to clients in Australia and the European Union. The company specializes in the production, execution and support of cost-effective applications that are affordable yet durable.

The Disability Industry is a sector that has long been known to suffer challenges in terms of management of patient records. Other software vendors have introduced management systems that are either expensive, unreliable or both. Anahata has ventured into the market to deliver affordable and reliable ICT applications that are tailor-made to meet the customer’s needs. Conversely, the small and medium scale business owners are able to afford the Anahata business tool and compete with the large scale Disability Industry service providers.

Anahata employs a continuous integration process that gives the client the ability to test the tailor-made ICT solution as it is being developed. Once the development of the tailor-made software is complete, the staff are offered on-site training to bring them up to speed with the new application.

On completion of the project, Anahata partners with its clients to promote the new application through the use of digital media services. In this regard the company offers business process outsourcing services that feature SEO content writing and email marketing.

For more information, visit the official company website at http://www.anahata-it.com.au

About Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd

Founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2010 by Pablo Rodriguez Pina, Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian privately owned software development company specializing in the analysis, design, implementation and support of cost-effective, custom built software applications.

Anahata’s preferred delivery approach is an iterative, agile, customer centric software development process where business analysts and developers work with the customers to gather requirements and an understanding of the current business processes, and to design and deliver a software solution that not only meets the business’s needs, but also is desgiend to improve business productivity.

During development, a continuous integration process allows customers to test the application regularly as it is being built. Upon implementation, customer’s staff are trained on the usage of the new system.

A key target for software developed by Anahata is quality. Quality is achieved by leveraging agile processes and tools, where customers can engage in the development process to define the scope of development iterations, tasks and prioritize goals.

Web based and manual code review processes along with comprehensive unit tests and integration testing ensure that delivered projects meet quality expectations of the customer.

Anahata offers its customers a 3 month warranty and support period where users can have unlimited phone or email consultation. Customers can access an online task and issue management system to log requests for enhancements (RFEs) or report any defects encountered during the testing or production stages. Anahata seeks to be the most customer centric of all Melbourne software companies.

Anahata’s preferred technological choice is to deliver cross-platform solutions based on open standards and open source technology that ensure stability, compatibility, and security over a long application lifespan. This enables a reduction in upfront and ongoing licensing fees.

Anahata is an Oracle Certified Partner and delivers custom software solutions based on Oracle Technology, such as Java, Java Enterprise Edition, MySQL or Oracle Database. The Perth software company is a also certified MYOB developer partner providing Custom Software solutions that can integrate seamlessly with any MYOB software package such as MYOB AccountRight desktop or MYOB AccountRight Live (cloud).

Anahata partners with a number of local companies to deliver integrated turn key solutions including hosting, infrastructure, barcode printing, mobility and RFID scanning amongst other technologies.

As a cross-platform software vendor, Anahata can deliver solutions for the Mac platform and integrate with existing Mac Applications. The Melbourne software company is experienced in developing Patient Record Management Systems running on the Mac Platform and integrating with medical applications such as Geniie.

Anahata is also experienced in embedded device development using cross platform technologies to deliver embedded applications that run on low resources devices such as Intel Atom or ARM processors. These embedded devices can connect to external sensors via CAN, USB, ethernet or similar. An example of embedded development is a mining vehicle activity monitoring application for a local mining company.

Once a project has been delivered, Anahata works with its customers to promote the developed solution or the customer’s business in general on the digital media providing services such as search engine optimization, content writing or email marketing.

Anahata Technologies in Victoria, Australia

In May 2013, founder and director Pablo Rodriguez Pina appointed Joana Lopez Castrillo as Regional Manager for Victoria and started offering software development and consultancy services to medium and large companies based in Victoria as well as the local Victorian governments and universities.

For more information about Anahata’s service in Melbourne, visit our website or type or Melbourne software development companies in your favourite search engine.

Anahata Technologies India Pty Ltd

In 2013, director Pablo Rodriguez Pina established the fully owned subsidiary Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd aimed at providing software development and database development services.

In November 2013, Pudattu Vijay Simha, a senior software engineer and employee of Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd was was appointed director of Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd to manage operations in India. Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd is based in the city of Hyderabad state of Andrah Pradesh.

Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd specialises in Oracle Java development and offers software development and custom software development services to companies worldwide.

Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd provides business process outsourcing services to companies worldwide helping a wide range of businesses (from small family owned businesses to universities or global companies) reduce business process costs.

Anahata Technologies in Europe

Since 2013, Anahata Technologies offers services to any country within the European Union and has presence in Spain and Croatia.

In November 2013, founder and director Pablo Rodriguez Pina appointed Goran Lochert, a Senior Software engineer and employee of the custom software company as Europe Regional Manager to manage projects for customers based in Europe.

Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd And Thermal Building Inspections Pty Ltd

Since 2013, Anahata is the official software developer of Perth Building Inspections company Thermal Building Inspections.

In close collaboration with Thermal Building Inspections staff members, Anahata and Thermal Building Inspections have developed a tailored made Business Management System also known as TBI BMS which allows TBI staff members to quote, book, and produce foto featured reports and Building Integrity certificates within the application.

The system is a cloud based solution developed on Java EE 7 with a desktop (JavaFX 8) frontend deployed via Java Web Start allowing staff members to login either from within TBI office as well as remotely. Via Java Web Start, version upgrades are rolled out in a way transparent to the user.

The system, developed with technologies such as GlassFish v4, Eclipselink, Context And Depency Injection, Enterprise Java Beans and a number of in-house Anahata libraries ships with a cloud based document management system which allows users to upload photos asynchronously, view inspection photo thumbnails or access generated Building Inspection Reports and Building Inspection Certificates.

TBI BMS uses Docmosis, a document generation library for java which allows users to edit email and document templates using LibreOffice and can produce documents in a number of formats such as Word, Libre Office, PDF or HTML.

The BMS comes with an error detection toolkit which monitors application logs for application errors and reports errors on the server or the client to Anahata’s engineers.

Thermal Building Inspections is a Perth based Pre-Purchase Building and Termite Inspection specialist. Using the latest Infrared Inspection technology, the team can assess any current or past Termite activity. Thermal Building Inspections offers a wide range of Building Inspection services for both residential and commercial premises in Perth. Inspections are offered at highly competitive prices and all Inspection packages are conducted in a single visit.

Thermal Building Inspections can also conduct Pest Inspections utilizing the latest Thermal Imaging Technology. All Inspections are conducted in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.3/AS3660 General Timber Pest Inspection. Pest damage is not always obvious and may require a specific diagnosis as to whether there is any Pest activity. A non-invasive Thermal Pest Inspection gives you peace of mind that you’re not going to be sharing your home with any unwanted housemates before purchasing your next property. Potential residential and commercial customers can view more details about the service on TBI’s web site at http://www.tbiwa.com.au

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Cequis LTD Partners with MorePro Marketing to Boost Clover POS Awareness

Hilton Head, SC (PRWEB) November 17, 2014

US-based Point of Sale distributor Cequis LTD is pleased to announce its partnership with inbound marketing company MorePro Marketing, Inc.

“Our Goal is to kickstart Cequis LTD into high drive and become the number one retailer of Clover-brand POS systems,” said Cequis LTD Managing Director of Sales, Mark Hurd.

MorePro Marketing was founded by parent company More Productions, which has provided a variety of marketing services for businesses of all markets and size since 1995. MorePro Marketing focuses on internet marketing services like search engine optimization, content marketing, link building, and social media management.

“MorePro Marketing provides the essential experience, insight and technological expertise that companies need to survive and prosper in the online world today,” says Marcy Moore – VP of sales at MorePro.

Cequis LTD hopes that a partnership with MorePro Marketing will help them promote their business across the country. The company sells affordable point-of-sale equipment to retailers and restaurants.

Cequis’ announced last month their new website focused on helping small businesses, which Hurd referred to as a “POS gamechanger.” The new website sells point of sale systems almost exclusively from Clover, which offers state-of-the-art, all-in-one solutions like the Clover Station at affordable prices. Cequis also offers a unique value by providing one-on-one support and service.

Using MorePro Marketing’s services, Cequis LTD hopes to promote its nationwide network of Clover POS experts who can assist retailers, restaurants and businesses with the integration and operation of their merchant services. Clover POS users can receive 24 hour phone support from a live representative if they need assistance with their systems.

“We’re committed to becoming the one-stop shop for Clover POS equipment and services,” Hurd said. “Expanding our marketing reach with MorePro will help us reach that goal.”

About Cequis LTD

Cequis LTD specializes in connecting businesses of all sizes with innovative POS software systems. Cequis LTD helps their clients adapt their technology to suit their unique business requirements. To learn more, visit http://www.cequis.com.

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Videorank.guru Releases a First of Its Kind Video Creation Software for SEO Campaigns

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) November 18, 2014

Vitarank, one of the leading Search Engine Optimization companies, has developed Videorank.guru- a new cutting-edge technology on video content and digital marketing. Digital marketing has gone up a notch because of the high internet usage all around the globe. Content marketing and video advertising had been in demand these days because of its high stake in the market.

According to ReelSEO, a video marketing guide, statistics early this year states that more and more companies spend 83% of their advertising budget to video advertising campaigns posted on video sites rather than spending it to other advertising media. This may conclude that more and more stakeholders and prospective clients are on the internet every day. Also based on this study, 57% of consumers are swaying on the positive when it comes to customer service and satisfaction rate when they were able to view video content via the internet. These sum up the advantage of having exceptional video marketing content with numerous insights on what their services have to offer.

Videorank.guru is packed with numerous features which solves the most video and content marketing needs of any business. The content marketing software the firm created follows a strategically and well-planned concept on video production. Videorank.guru offers unlimited video concepts with its wide array of images, musical scores and voiceovers. Created by Vitarank, Videorank.guru also provides excellent content which will directly emphasize the message from each company wanting to relay what they want their clientele to know. This assures 100% original and well-thought of messages to recognize and emphasize the brand, product, and services each business has to offer. Videorank.guru provides a creative way in presenting video content to communicate with clients worldwide. They also guarantee 100% increase in view rating and the highest rank in all search engines via search engine optimization sites within just an hour of video download. They also offer the first of its kind feature which auto-update posted videos on video sites such as YouTube. This means an automatic upload for any deleted videos in a matter of seconds. This means that new clients, stakeholders and anyone on the internet will not be able to miss out any video posted on each site. Videorank.guru assures clients of more traffic to each site to ensure the business and the site will be known.

Videorank.guru offers the best and the easiest video creation solution which is the best in the market. They also offer a 7-day free trial for those clients who would like to experience and benefit from the best of search engine optimization content software. Everyone has the chance to experience what the best of content marketing and video production software has to offer through Videorank.guru.

About Videorank.guru by Vitarank

Videorank.guru by Vitarank helps businesses dominate niche on YouTube by creating hundreds of optimized videos, one for each of the best longtail keywords. They spread the videos out across accounts that its customers own. Yes that’s right, customers own the properties we Videorank.guru creates for its customers! The videos, the YouTube channels, everything will be turned over to the customers as soon as the order is completed.

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New Jersey Apartment Association Selects Two Lincoln Property Company Websites for Garden State Awards

DALLAS, TX (PRWEB) November 18, 2014

2014 is the year of the 21st annual Garden State Awards of Excellence for members of the New Jersey Apartment Association. Awards were presented in more than 40 categories which included individual and corporate recognition, management achievements, and industry designations through NJAA’s professional development programs.

Bishop’s View, BishopsViewApts.com, welcomes website guests with an intriguing video of the community and neighborhood. It also presents a full mobile version of the website. The website provides individual unit availability and pricing according to occupancy date, lease term, type, size and other defining features. A prospective renter can get a firm, printable quote and complete their application online. They can request contact and update information via text messaging.

The interactive site plan is entertaining and informative. When a user selects a favorite floor plan, the community site plan shows the exact locations of the apartments by building, floor level and unit number. The Neighborhood Map gives popular directions to major thoroughfares and places of interest in the immediate area. It is scalable and can be searched by topics such as restaurants, grocery, shopping, plus many others. Visitors can schedule a visit, view specials, study FAQs and instantly access social media. Residents can pay rent online and communicate with the management staff through a resident portal.

Bishop’s View has impressive Internet search rankings with four first-page results from major key word searches for Cherry Hill, NJ.

LaurelGreenApts.com is a refreshing, inviting website that draws web visitors into a luxurious world of apartment living and glides them into action. The website is built with newly constructed apartments in mind within an upscale neighborhood in an ideal location.

The home page is easily navigated with unique form and imagery. The website is fully mobilized for smart phone and iPad/tablet for a custom user experience. A prospect can select a move-in date, a preferred floor plan, and view a list of available apartments. They can generate a customized quote that lists the unique attributes of that particular unit along with a colorful floor plan rendition. The prospect can then schedule a tour from the same page and submit an online application.

The amenity list is easily accessed; the photo page presents an impressive slide show of features and benefits. The Area Map allows website visitors to locate their favorite things within a short distance of the community: schools, shopping, entertainment, retail and other services.

The interactive site plan is a great facilitator. Prospects can click a favorite floor plan icon and see the building representation animate to indicate the location of an available unit. The Internet Coupon offers the prospect a new construction special and serves as a great call to action. A website guest can request a tour time online. It is very easy to fill out an online application and review qualification standards here as well. A convenient FAQ page is also provided to cover common questions.

Residents can request a service call, submit a survey, refer a friend, and set an appointment to conduct a renewal from the resident center. Laurel Green has outstanding search position rankings, resulting on page one for six key word searches for Mount Laurel, NJ.

About Spherexx.com® Advertising Agency | Software Development | Business Intelligence

Spherexx.com is recognized as an established leader for website, Internet marketing and software development services since 2000. With offices located in Tulsa, Dallas, and Houston, the company has been distinguished as one of INC5000’s fastest growing companies. Spherexx.com is a recipient of International Summit Creative Awards for creative and communication excellence and Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) awards for best real estate website and for outstanding websites. Spherexx.com is also a Webby Honoree and has also received W3 Video awards from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts for B2B branded content and promotional branding. Multi-Housing News awarded two Spherexx.com products with Technology Choice Awards: ILoveLeasing for Lead Management and RentPush for Revenue Management for superior service and innovation.

Spherexx.com offers a wide selection of professional services including web design and development, touchscreen kiosks, Internet lead generation tools, online advertising, consulting, advanced mobile technology, apartment lease-up marketing consulting, and search engine performance. The company also provides branding services, video/multimedia production, print media, and copy writing, as well as website and email hosting, database solutions, pay per click, e-commerce solutions and custom programming.

The company has developed CRM (customer relationship management) products, marketing and lead generation tools that allow clients to better manage and convert leads to leases and sales and increase property values. These applications are branded under ApartmentWebsites.com™, Messagekast.com™ ILoveLeasing.com®, MarketSurveyTools.com™, RentPush.com® Revenue Management Asset Optimization and RentIntel™ Business Intelligence. Spherexx.com provides web-based prospecting, marketing, advertising management, and support services.

About Lincoln Property Company

Lincoln Property Company was founded in 1965 as a builder and operator of high-quality residential communities. Today Lincoln is the nation’s second largest residential property management company, headquartered in Dallas, TX, with regional and satellite offices located throughout the United States. In addition to property management, Lincoln also focuses on real estate investment, construction and development. Their national reputation has enabled the company to attract a large client base of owners and investors who count on their ability to deliver quality results and continually serve as a market leader.

For more information about Lincoln Property Company, please visit http://www.lincolnapts.com/management-services or visit http://www.lincolnapts.com/regions/ for apartment listings in your area.

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TherapySites Celebrates 3-Year Partnership Anniversary with the California Psychological Association

Downers Grove, IL (PRWEB) November 18, 2014

TherapySites, the leading website and online marketing company for mental health professionals, announced today their 3-year partnership anniversary with the California Psychological Association (CPA). Since 2011, TherapySites has been working with the CPA to continue to extend their online marketing solutions to CPA members, adding exclusive benefits and promotional offers.

“It makes such a big difference to be partners with other associations that also work with the mental health industry and our partnership with California Psychological Association has been such a success,” said Denise Marshall, Business Development Coordinator at TherapySites. “The team at CPA has been amazing to work with and we are looking forward to continuing the partnership for years to come.”

About California Psychological Association:

CPA was founded in Los Angeles in 1948 initially to work for the licensure of psychologists. As the role of California psychologists expanded over the years, so did CPA. To more closely interact with the state legislature, CPA moved from Los Angeles to Sacramento in 1989, and has sponsored many legislative proposals that have resulted in greater access to mental health care services for the consumer and extended protection of the rights of psychologists to practice to the full extent allowed by law.

About TherapySites:

TherapySites specializes in creating websites that are engaging, professional, cost-effective, and extremely simple to maintain. Therapists can successfully market and manage their practice online with the $ 59/month package (with no set-up fees or contracts). The service includes everything that’s needed for a professional online presence, including Search Engine Optimization, integrated email, editing tools, credit card processing, online appointment notifications, and unlimited technical and customer support. For more information, contact us at 866-288-2771.

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