Dealer And Distributorship Franchise ‘A Best Way to Make Money’

July 31, 2017


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Franchise industry is getting supersized in next coming years. At present the industry is overwhelmed with presence of well-known brands in distinctive sectors including food and beverages, entertainment, gym and fitness, jewellery and many more. Surprisingly dealer and distributorship franchise is emerged as one of the unexpected business opportunities which can’t be digested easily. In earlier decades dealer and distributors had played vital role in growth and development of organizations but, in fact, franchise business model has transformed whole scenario. You can find number of organizations engaged in manufacturing, FMCG, and other segments have to depend on channel partners like resellers, dealers, vendors and distributors to sell products and service to the end consumers.

Both distributor and dealer have played vital role in maintaining smooth relationship between manufacturers and customers. They can enhance company’s product value by reaching maximum consumers in short span of time. According to CEOs of famous brands distribution channel should be effective and most valuable and integral part of operational activities. For example, any organization operating in FMCG industry has specific dealer and distributor’s in particular geographical location. They are responsible for redistribution of products in assigned territory. The overall concept behind example is to explain how these stakeholders are crucial as organizations cannot handle all business activities single handed, they need channel partners to operate smoothly.

Advantage of distribution channel

A well designed and structured distribution channel can be a big advantage for the companies that didn’t directly deal with consumers. Over the past few years industrial development around the globe encourage new comers to invest in highly ambitious projects. It goes without saying that technology hitches the wagon to the moon similarly organizations have also utilized technology up to the maximum extent to produce innovative and unique products. Further you may have noticed that while expanding product range franchising business model is effective. Thus dealer and distributor franchise is come into existence.

Franchise industry is worth INR 1600 crore by 2017. This vast development encourages several organizations to explore organized and unorganized market share of various industry segments. But without efficient channel partners this cannot possible. Many organizations in franchise industry have designed channel partners programs to meet their demands. In a recent study, it is observed that any organization whether small, medium or large can’t survive if they don’t build strong relationships with dealers and distributors. To add more, in present scenario you can bet on various opportunities that can give you high returns.

Three Key Approaches To Competitive Intelligence

July 31, 2017

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The action of collecting, delineating, learning and distributing intelligence related to competitors, products, customers and any other side of the business environment required for the managerial and strategic decision-making process is known as Competitive intelligence. CI also includes improving the competitiveness of the organization relative to its complete environment and stakeholders. Let’s discuss the three key approaches to Competitive intelligence.

Three Key Approaches To Competitive Intelligence

1. Tactical intelligence

Tactical intelligence is usually carried out for a smaller and operational scale. It does not focus much on being productive. Some examples of tactical issues include Competitors’ plans for modifying how they distinguish their products, policies, and terms of sales from yours. Middle-level sales and marketing managers who wish to know how to be a winner in the crowd are the key users of this approach.

2. Strategic Intelligence

This approach is suitable when businesses need to gain an understanding of the competitor’s current strategies, future goals, and capabilities. Intelligence related to a business partner, customers, and suppliers are always of some deliberate value; and strategic intelligence gives you just that.

3. Counter Intelligence

Counter intelligence encompasses protecting company secrets. The concept is easy to understand, just like you want to know your competitors, they would want to know you. Normally, this area of efforts includes information technology, security and firing and hiring strategies.

Competitive intelligence is where competition is understood and judged. It is immensely important to understand and learn what’s happening in the world outside your business, as it helps the business to be as competitive as possible. Competitive Intelligence empowers you to anticipate and face challenges head on.

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Global Silanes Market Analysis Report, Regional Outlook, 2016 – 2024

Global Silanes Market size valued at USD 1.5 billion in 2015, may exceed reach USD 1.8 billion by 2024. Silanes are homologues of saturated alkanes (carbon- hydrogen compounds) and are made of silicon and hydrogen only. It has a general formula of SinH2n+2. Being very unstable in nature, the product can be produced only in absence of oxygen. It has good insulation properties.

The prime factors that are driving the growth of product market are the increasing focus on fuel efficiency and regulation compliance, exponentially growing automobile sales, rising demand for green tire and road safety from consumers. Adhesives and sealants industry is also coming up with new innovations in additives and raw material processing which is only going to influence the global product market positively.

Though having some excellent properties, there are still challenges to silanes market growth in the global market especially in paints and coatings industry, because of its inability to withstand static pressure. Moreover, slow growth in European economy and rising demand for paper packaging materials may act as a restraint to global product market growth.


As per the type of silanes, the global product market can be divided into mono/chloro silanes and organo-functional silanes. Mono/chloro silanes are generally used in photovoltaics, integrated circuits, electrical & electronics and flat panel displays. Mono/chloro silanes are also used for blending of silanes and siloxanes and as a protecting agent in pharmaceutical syntheses. Silane is extensively used to improve adhesion in adhesives and sealants to inorganic substrates such as glass, metal and stone. The growing electrical & electronics and flat panel display market and growing focus on solar energy as alternative source in developing nations are anticipated to drive the silanes market for the next coming years.

The major end users of silane are rubber & plastic, adhesives & sealants, fiber treatment, paints & coatings and others (pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and personal care). Anti-corrosion properties of silane make it an excellent material for protective coating in wide range of applications such as microbiological corrosion protection, making highly weatherable automotive parts and erosion/corrosion protection coatings.

The big giants in rubber industry like Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Goodyear and many others are constantly exploring the tire range by investing in the research and development wing. They are also making geographical expansion by tie-ups, mergers, acquisition and joint ventures, which is raising the demand for silane production worldwide.


Asia Pacific is expected to be leading the global silanes market. The prominent product market in Asia Pacific are China, India, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand among others. Economic growth, increasing per capita & disposable income, industrialization and economies of scale are anticipated to boost the automotive and construction industries in India and China. Due to industrial production scaled up tremendously in the last couple of years, China is expected to lead the global silanes market. The automotive sales are expected to increase the demand for silanes in glass fiber composites, rubber and plastics and paints & coatings industries for the coming couple of years. Asia Pacific is followed by North America and Europe as second and third largest market for silane market. Recovering economy and employment rate in U.S, will drive the automotive industries.

Some of the global key players in the silane production industry are Onichem, Silicones Europe, Dow Corning, Fujian Norcy New Material, OCI Materials, Dynasylan, USI Chemicals, Evonik Industries, Momentive Performance Materials Holding Company LLC, Nanjing Shuguang Chemical Group Company Limited and others.

Rahul Varpe Photo About Global Market Insights, Inc. Global Market Insights, Inc., headquartered in Delaware, U.S., is a global market research and consulting service provider; offering syndicated and custom research reports along with growth consulting services. Our business intelligence and industry research reports offer clients with penetrative insights and actionable market data specially designed and presented to aid strategic decision making. These exhaustive reports are designed via a proprietary research methodology and are available for key industries such as chemicals, advanced materials, technology, renewable energy and biotechnology.

Learn About Effective 5 Ways to Monetize Your Social Media Followings

Before knowing the 5 ways to monetize your social media followings, let us know how the social media is made in use, today. Man is a social animal and today it is very much appropriate proverb to use since most of us in this digital world, get involve with social media as means of interaction. Without getting in touch with a wide spectrum of audience, you won’t be heard and valued.

Social media has been the most advanced platform that allows numerous things to do for you including, day to day interaction, business interaction, marketing of one’s skill, business or products and services, highlight important messages, means of SEO strategy, photo sharing, videos and audios sharing, messages exchange, formation of large groups, following fans, reaching to one’s admirers and many more. Things that the technology, internet and human minds can do are going to get a new definition because it is ever changing with new concepts and ideas every day.

There are varied social platforms which are used via internet and these are Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc. On these platforms, a personal profile or a business profile is created by using one’s personal and other information. Once created, friends/relatives and acquaintances are added, fans are followed, and groups are also joined that inspire us. When we scroll down the page after creating, many updates are available from our friends and connections. And many things can also be seen that are suggested to us in form of pictures, videos and audios.

All of these activities are repeated day to day wise and people get involved more and more in this. In short, social media has become a necessary platform in today’s era and it has definitely become mandatory for oneself to get noticed through it and various means digitally. We want to be followed either for personal gains, business purpose or for marketing transformations. This also helps in gaining revenues and increase sales. However, one should not get disappointed if he or she has less followings and very few promotional means, as a result his or her business is not monetized. One can anytime increase the chances of getting recognized by many.

So, let us discuss the 5 ways to monetize your social media followings.

First, E-learning has been a wonderful platform to educate people about your area or services. It is estimated to reach $325 billion globally by the year 2025.

Second, you should produce social media advertisements and let people know details about your products and services, this way awareness among people will increase and thus interest and need to buy will enhance.

Third, videos are must to be created to remain on the top as these are the fastest means by which one can enter prospective customer’s mind. These help to render meaningful information to people with great memory.

Fourth, affiliate programs are the way we can get associated with.

Fifth, using Facebook shop section , one can sell their products and services directly to the customers and this will surely help to generate income for yourself.